Earn extra Experience Points and Awards for discovering an Aerocache, which are marked clearly with the Aerocache icon. Click on the different Aerocaches below to view hints for where you might be able to find them. See the AEROCACHE OF THE DAY.
Hawaiian Adventure Pack
In the curves of this ravine north of Lanai Airport.
Mauna Lei Gulch (AEROCACHE OF THE DAY) Lei Gulch
Behind a red roofed building amid tall trees.
PHMK Airport
Featured on a 1980s television series about a private investigator. Between Makai Pier and Bellows Field. Submitted by community member stcroixvalleymn
P.I. "Nesting" spot of 1980's TV P.I. on Oahu
World famous golf course in eastern Honolulu. Can you land a hole in one? Submitted by community member WadcoRemy
Waialae Country Club Country Club
A secluded natural pool, completely surrounded by forest. On the south of Kauai, near Kalaheo.
Island Oasis, HI
The women's restroom above gate 31 is supposedly haunted.
Lulu Limbo Airport
This aerocache marks the southernmost point on Kauai. Submitted by community member Air 1
South Marker Tower
In 1906, Congress approved $60,000 for construction of the lighthouse. Any doubt that the light was truly necessary was eliminated when two months later the liner Manchuria ran aground off Makapu`u Point
Makapuu Light Makapuu
Located at the foot of the Napali Coast Kalalau Trail. Submitted by community member AIR1.
End of the Road'e Beach, Kauai
At a marina near Port Allen Airport.
Port Allen Marina Allen Marina
Located on a reservoir of water near the southern Kauai town of Kalaheo.
Ipuolono Reservoir, Hawaii
Charles Lindbergh rose to world fame in 1927 flying from NYC to Paris non-stop in the "Spirit of St. Louis". Submitted by community member Travis Tea.
Charles Lindbergh's Grave Lindbergh's Grave
Large center section of an Lockheed L-1011 fuselage under a tarp. Submitted by community member Air 1
Oceanic 815 Airport Hawaii
Above Dillingham. Submitted by community member Air 1
USAF Remote Tracking Station'ena Point
Large valley running from the West Maui Mountains to Wailuku.
Iao Valley Valley Hawaii
5,000 feet at the intersection of Lanai VOR radial 210, Maui VOR radial 88, and Molokai radial 285.
Kalohi - Pailolo Channels - Pailolo Channels
Somewhere along this roadway from Honolulu to Kailua.
Pali Highway 61 Highway
10,000 feet above the northeast point of Oahu.
Kaena Point 10K Point
Located at about 1,000 feet over this hat-shaped island.
Near where the helicopter landing zone was located in a famous dinosaur movie.
Jurassic Falls Falls
A small bay on the north shore of Oahu.
Turtle Bay Bay Resort
Large harbor near Lihue.
Nawiliwili Harbor Harbor
One of several communications facilities on Kauai. This one is off of Highway 550.
Waimea Dishes Communications Stations Kauai
Small lake at the top of the plateau next to Waimea Canyon.
Puu Lua Reservoir Lua Reservoir Kauai
SW of Niihau - submitted by community member Tom
Ka’ula Island
On Kauai, Hawaii.
Haena Beach Beaches
On Kauai, Hawaii.
Hanakapiai Beach Beaches
On Kauai, Hawaii.
Waipoo Falls Waterfalls
Somewhere on a Hawaiian airfield that was the only base large enough to support the Boeing B-17 bomber in 1941.
Hawaii Fortress Base Hickam Field
Somewhere on Kauai's largest airport.
Large Town on Kauai Hawaii
On Kauai, Hawaii.
Alakai Swamp Swamp
Latitude, longitude of N18° 32' 16.97", W155° 45' 5.57".
Water, Water Everywhere Point Hawaii
Somewhere on the largest airport on Maui.
Maui Arrivals Airports
On Oahu, Hawaii.
Sharks Cove Cove
Ideal location for stargazing on Maui.
Maui Stargazing Observatory
Somewhere at the location of the first target hit during the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941.
Wheeler Harbor Attack Timeline
Near "the keyhole" on a Hawaiian island.
Keyhole Keyhole
Large crater that was originally named by 19th-century British sailors who mistook crystals embedded in the rock for diamonds.
Diamond Head Hawaii
Somewhere on the naval air base on Kauai.
Barking Sands Sands Kauai
On Kauai, Hawaii.
Awini Falls Waterfalls
Somewhere on the smallest airport on Maui.
West Maui Airports
Famous North Shore surfing spot where the largest waves form.
Big Surf Shore Surfing
The world's largest banyan tree.
Wreckage of a WWII battleship named in honor of the 48th state admitted into the Union.
Honorable Monument Harbor Ships Sunk
On Kauai, Hawaii.
Honopu Beach Beaches
A former leper colony.
Colony of Pain
Somewhere along the Na Pali Coast.
Na Pali Coast Pali Coast
On Kauai, Hawaii.
Hanakoa Falls Waterfalls
Somewhere on the southernmost airport on Kauai.
Port Allen Hangar Allen Kauai
On Kauai, Hawaii.
Hinalele Falls Waterfalls
On Kauai, Hawaii.
Waialae Falls Waterfalls
On Kauai, Hawaii.
Mohihi Falls Waterfalls
Somewhere along the highest sea cliffs in the world.
High Sea Cliffs Sea Cliffs
Crescent-shaped sea bird sanctuary near Maui.
Protected Crescent
Seaplane terminal in Hawaii.
Hawaii Seaplane Base Airport Seaplane Base
On Molokai, Hawaii.
Kaunakakai Harbor Harbor
Somewhere on a Hawaiian island that only has one airport.
Water View Hawaii
Museum submarine on display in Hawaii.
Bowfin Submarine Hawaii
On Kauai, Hawaii.
Moeloa Falls Waterfalls
Storage site for props used in a popular television show shot on the northern shore of Oahu.
Derelict Props for LOST
One of the airfields hit in the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.
Bellows Field
Scientists and students study tropical marine science at this research facility on Coconut Island east of Oahu.
Marine Research
National Cemetary in Hawaii.
Punchbowl Punchbowl
On the beach near a famous Waikiki hotel.
Waikiki Hotel Waikiki
Located in a large clearing at the following coordinates: LAT 21.671126 LON -158.034819.
Satellite Communications Site Beach Oahu
An impressive falls nestled within one of the cathedral-like wrinkles in the mountains backing Hanakoa Valley at the half way point of the Kalalau Trail.
Hanakoa Falls Falls
Alaskan Wilderness Pack
A Glacier located at the end of College Fiord.
Havard Glacier Glacier College Fiord
20 miles from Checkpoint 2 in Willow - Submitted by community member Tom
Iditarod 3 - Yentna Bend Bend Strip
From Annett Island airport, fly a heading of 118 for 61nm (SkyVector). Contributed by community member AlbacoreTunaMan.
Prince Rupert, Canada - CYPR Rupert airport, CYPR
The Skeena River is the second longest river entirely within British Columbia, Canada. Follow it to its source! Contributed by community member Sergiosky47.
Source of the Skeena River
About 30 miles from Checkpoint 3 in Yentna Bend - submitted by community member Tom
Iditarod 4 - Skwentna Airport
40 miles from Skwentna, the checkpoint is near Winterlake Lodge on Finger Lake.
Iditarod 5 - Finger Lake Finger Lake
Located within Kluane National Park and Reserve in southwest Yukon. You will need a high altitude plane to reach this one! Submitted by community member Metxa15.
Mount Logan highest mountain in Canada
A lake on top of Rainy Pass, along the Iditarod Trail.
Rainy Pass Pass Iditarod Trail Map
Located just south of where a Zero crashed on Akutan Island in the Alaskan Wilderness.
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish.. Zero Plane Crash
Look for a pair of silos on the north side of town. Contributed by community member AlbacoreTunaMan
Terrace Produce Dock BC, Canada
From Barter I LRRS, point your plane to a bearing of 084 degrees and fly 102nm. Submitted by community member Sergiosky47.
Herschel Island Oil Rig Island, Yukon, Canada
Harbor located in the small town of Whittier Alaska.
Whittier Harbor Alaska
Approximately 80 miles from the Rohn checkpoint. If your dog team has made it to Nikolai in one piece, the rest of the way is easier. Submitted by community member AlbacoreTunaMan
Iditarod 8 - Nikolai, Alaska
The foremost (and only!) Foreign Trade Zone in Alaska. "If you eat it, drive it or wear it, it probably came through the Port of Anchorage first!" Contributed by community member Houston.
The Bluenose Limbo of Anchorage Facilities
McGrath is the major airport in this part of Alaska. Iditarod mushers use it to ship in new sleds. Many mushers choose McGrath to take their mandatory 24 hour stop.
Iditarod 9 - McGrath Airport
To the north of Kodiak Island is a small island, filled with all the essentials a freddybear could need.
Bare Essentials Island, AK
From Tin City, point your plane toward the NDB at the Lavrentiya Airport on a heading of 258 (have you activated your radio beacons yet?). Contributed by community member WadcoRemy.
From Russia, with Love, Russia
Close to the windsock in Takotna. Contributed by community member AlbacoreTunaMan.
Iditarod 10 - Takotna Airport
A highway through the mountain near Whittier Airport.
Glacier Highway Tunnel Glacier Highway Whittier
Lonely Air Station was built in the 1950’s to support the Distant Early Warning Line. Later decommissioned, upgraded, and in 1994 was re-designated part of the North Warning System as a Short Range Radar site. Submitted by community member AlbacoreTunaMan
Lonely Radar Farm Air Station
The old abandoned mining town of Ophir is a quiet checkpoint, and marks where the Iditarod Trail splits between the southern and norther race routes. Submitted by community member AlbacoreTunaMan.
Iditarod 11 - Ophir Airport, AK
A once bustling community of over 10k, Iditarod was the heart of the Mining District (and where the Trail gets its name). Dog teams hauled supplies and mail in to the area, and carried gold out. Submitted by community member AlbacoreTunaMan
Iditarod 12 - Iditarod Town of Iditarod
Near to Clear Airport, lies the radar farm for ICBMs. Submitted by community member Martin
Early Warnings Airforce Station, AK
Can you find the tractor in the town of Terrace, BC? Submitted by community member Martin
Oh Deere...., British Columbia
Found in the center of 4 radio towers near Kvichak, Alaska
North, East, South, or West, Alaska
An inlet of the Bering Sea on the western coast of Alaska. Submitted by community member Air 1.
Besboro Island Sound, Alaska
The first checkpoint along the Yukon river - population 82. First musher through the checkpoint wins a free seven course meal - would hate to be the dogs on THAT team! Submitted by community member AlbacoreTunaMan.
Iditarod 14 - Anvik, AK
Population 139 -- The name is an Ingalik Indian name meaning “village of the dog people,” and when the Iditarod hits town, that is especially true. Submitted by community member AlbacoreTunaMan.
Iditarod 13 (south) - Shageluk, Alaska
Grayling: Population 208. This is the last village checkpoint mushers see until they reach Kaltag, 130 miles further up the trail. Submitted by community member AlbacoreTunaMan.
Iditiarod 15 - Grayling Airport
From Grayling, follow the west bank of the Yukon river, north, about half way to Kaltag. Submitted by community member AlbacoreTunaMan
Iditarod 16 - Eagle Island checkpoint Eagle Island
Jack Wade gold dredge Chicken
Jack Wade Gold Dredge Wade gold dredge
The place on the Iditarod route where it splits into the Northern and southern route - submitted by community member Reno
Iditarod Trail - Kaltag, Alaska
Airport in Fairbanks where 7,926 WW2 aircraft passed through on their way from Great Falls to Siberia. The nearby Eielson Airfield was later established as a bad weather alternative runway. Submitted by community member rklapp
Ladd Army Airfield Army Airfield
Located at the checkpoint, about a mile S of the airport. Submitted by community member AlbacoreTunaMan
Iditarod 18 - Unalakleet Checkpoint Unalakleet
The winds along this stretch create drifts which mushers must navigate with care, but they are safer than the Norton Bay ice that comes next. Submitted by commumity member AlbacoreTunaMan.
Iditarod 19 - Shaktoolik, AK
Until April 28th of 2010, this 1,350 foot tower was the tallest of its type in the entire State of Alaska. Submitted by community member Air1
Port Clarence LORAN Tower Peninsula
Reaching this checkpoint, mushers breathe a sign of relief - no more sea ice to cross. Located east of the airport. Submitted by community member AlbacoreTunaMan
Iditarod 20 - Koyuk, AK, Iditarod 2013
What's that hiding behind the airport hangars? Submitted by community member AlbacoreTunaMan
Iditarod 21 - Elim Airport, Ak
Under the bridge where Taylor Hwy, (Route 5) crosses the Fortymile River near border with Canada. Submitted by community member GTAgewphophph
Fortymile Under Highway bridge at Fortymile River
Once a major stop on the Iditarod Trail, Golovin is surrounded by sea ice which mushers may need to traverse both on their way in and back out again.
Iditarod 22 - Golovin, AK
Population 209 -- Just 77 miles from Nome, this village is located on the banks of the Fish River. It takes its name from that of a picturesque nearby mountain. It is 921 miles from Anchorage. Submitted by community member AlbacoreTunaMan
Iditarod 23 - White Mountain Checkpoint White Mountain
Follow the Atigun River to the north
Little Beacon Lake
Safety: Population 0 - The last checkpoint before Nome, just 22 miles away. Here the mushers are on the coast of the Bering Sea and travel on the beach most of the way to Nome. Submitted by community member AlbacoreTunaMan
Iditarod 24 - Safety of Solomon State Field
The end of the Trail! Prospectors established this Seward Peninsula city as Anvil City after adjacent Anvil Creek in 1898. A year later gold was discovered in beach sand and it became a boom town, home of 30,000 gold seekers. Submitted by AlbacoreTunaMan
Iditarod 25 - Nome, Alaska
The first checkpoint after the trail splits into a North and South route, and the longest leg of the entire race, Cripple lies about 105 miles north of Ophir
Iditarod 12 (North) - Cripple checkpoint Cripple
12 Miles north of the city of Kodiak, Alaska
Spruce Island Watersports Harbor
The first checkpoint on the famous Yukon River, the longest river in Alaska. Gold was discovered here in 1906, but no town was established until 1911 when additional gold deposits were discovered on Long Creek, causing a rush of prospectors to the area.
Iditarod 13 (North) - Ruby checkpoint Ruby
Almost due west from Ruby along the Yukon River lies Galena, the next checkpoint on the Iditarod Trail.
Iditarod 14 (North) - Galena, Alaska
This trail became infamous thorugh the tragic story of Chris McCandless.
Bus 142 Trail
The last checkpoint before the north and south routes merge again. Originally founded in 1838 at the confluence of the Nulato and Yukon Rivers, Nulato was a Russian trading post. Submitted by community member AlbacoreTunaMan
Iditarod 15 (North) - Nulato checkpoint Nulato
Keep Mt. McKinley in sight. Submitted by community member Air1
Rolling down the river Vista, Alaska
Stratovolcano in the Aleutian Islands. Submitted by community member Mike Stokes.
To the nomadic hunter gatherers who discovered this place, the piles of droppings meant there were many Caribou here - Caribou steaks all around! Contributed by community member AlbacoreTunaMan.
Place of Caribou Droppings Pass
The second checkpoint of the Iditarod.
Iditarod Checkpoint 2 - Willow Alaska
Located near where Will Rogers and Wiley Post crashed in 1935, southwest of Barrow, Alaska. Submitted by community member soxxer25
Post-Rogers Memorial Post - Will Rogers Memorial
An old Air Force station on Middleton Island in the Gulf of Alaska. Contributed by community member Air 1.
Middleton Island Island Air Force Station
Need to gas up in Kotzebue? Taxi on up to the gas station! Submitted by community member Air 1
Fill 'er up! Alaska
This rail bridge crosses the Talkeetna River near Talkeetna State Airport
Tracks across Talkeetna, Alaska
On top the tallest peak in North America.
The Summit peak in North America
Near a gold dredge found in Nome, AK.
Gold Dredge Alaska
A crashed DC-3 found near the small village of Nikolski on Unmak Island.
Crashed DC-3 DC-3 Nikolski AK
Located on a very large round Glacier. Getting there is just half of the adventure. Finding it is the other.
The blob Glacier
A WWII bomber crash site somewhere on the west side of Atka Island
Crashed Liberator Liberator Atka Island, AK
A crashed DC-3 found next to a lake approxamatly 12 mile SE of Lgiugig airstrip.
Lost DC-3, AK
A crashed Military plane about 1.5 miles Northeast of Jack Fish Landing.
Kramer 31 31 plane crash
About 52 Miles northeast of Bettles, AK.
Ernie Lake Lake, AK
A 45 mile plane ride, SE from Northway Airport. Taxi to the tower. Walk north to the aerocache. - Submitted by community member Tom
Beaver Creek YXQ Canada Creek Airport Yukon Canada
In downtown Anchorage, where the annual Iditarod Trail race starts.
Iditarod Trail Start Trail starting point
Somewhere on the longest runway in Alaska - submitted by community member Alphonse
Long runways Air Force Base
Approximately 11 miles east of the starting point in Anchorage, this is the first checkpoint on the Iditarod Trail.
Iditarod 1 - Campbell Airstrip Airstrip
East-West passage through the Alaska Mountain Range, discovered by pilot Russel Merril in 1927. Submitted by community member RF HEIMDALL
Merrill Pass Pass
Refuel at the self serve station close to the Whitehorse Airport. Suggested by community member Sergiosky47.
Self Serve Airport
This airstrip is next to an Iditarod Trail checkpoint called Rohn Roadhouse.
Tatitna Roadhouse Checkpoint
Free to Play
Replaced by Kona International airport in 1970, Old Kona Airport is located only a few miles away. Contributed by community member AlbacoreTunaMan.
Old Kona Airport Kona Airport State Park
First beacon at Coconut Point and was built by the Hawaiian government on the southwest shore of Hilo Bay in 1904. Contributed by community member AlbacoreTunaMan.
Coconut Bay Light Coconut Point
Off the end of one of the runways at Hilo International. Submitted by AlbacoreTunaMan
VOR Hilo 116-9 International Airport - ITO
For best results, set weather to "Among the Giants", and time to 15 minutes before dawn. Can you reach the summit in time for the sunrise? Submitted by community member Travis Tea.
Haleakala Sunrise Visitor Center
A concrete pyramidial light tower, built in 1922 just west of the Captain Cook Monument, and marks Cook Point. Contributed by community member AlbacoreTunaMan
Napo'opo'o Light Napo'opo'o
Somewhere in the maze of buildings at Bradshaw AAF.
Quonset Maze AAF
It doesn't seem like very far, but the water between the Big Island and Maui is a large area to search. This one is about 15 miles out, sitting at 50 feet.
Between Islands Maps
Very Long Baseline Array Antenna at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory on the Big Island.
VLBA Long Baseline Array Hawaii
The southernmost point of both Hawaii and the U.S.
Ka Lae Point Hawaii
Tune one navigation radio (NAV 1) to 115.7 course of 226. Tune the second radio (NAV 2) to 113.3 course of 22. Located at 5,000 feet when both vertical needles are centered.
VOR to Puu Waa Waa Crater Using VOR
One of several coffee plantations on the Kona side of the island.
Big Island Coffee Coffee Plantation
Wind farm on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Windy Ridge Farms Hawaii
Somewhere on the second largest airport on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Lava Foundation Hawaii
Near the monument memorializing this famous captain on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Culinary Captain Cook
Most active volcano in Hawaii.
Geologically Active
Popular spot for a wedding north of Kona.
Kikaua Beach Beach Hawaii
Under the Puueo Street Bridge.
Wailuku Bridge
Highest point in Hawaii.
Low Oxygen in Hawaii in Hawaii
Hidden near a hangar at the airport where you started this adventure.
Where It All Began Hawaii Airport
Bridge on the coast north of Hilo.
Hakalau Bridge Bridge
A lonely cabin near Mauna Loa's caldera.
Red Hill Cabin Red Hill Cabin
Location and altitude of Hawaii sailplane altitude record.
High Flying Glider Soaring Altitude Record
Rainbows are plentiful at this popular Big Island waterfall.
Colorful Falls Falls Hawaii
Honolii Cove is along the coast north of Hilo, Hawaii.
Honolii Cove Cove
A waterfall flowiing out to the coast at the Waipio Valley
Kaluahine Falls Falls
A volcanic island at the mouth of Cook Inlet.
Cone Island Volcano