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The Flight team has returned from assisting our Age of Empires colleagues at PAX East and is now focused on getting this week's aerocache announcement off the ground and back on schedule. The winning aerocache was submitted by AlbacoreTunaMan, who suggested using the VHF Omni Directional Radio Range (VOR) antenna located at the end of a runway at the Hilo International Airport. Did you know that Hilo is one of only two major airports on the island of Hawaiʻi Island and one of five major airports for the entire state?

Now it's that time of the week again where the community gets to weigh in on their favorite aercocache from last week, with some of them located in Hawaii and others from Alaska. And you the Flight player get to tell us which of the week's Aerocache of the Day locations you liked best - and therefore which Aerocache of the Day should become permanently available.


Here are this week's Aerocaches to choose from:

- Upolu River

- Yokohama Beach

- South Kauai VOR

- Port Allen Marina

- Red and White Tower

- Mighty Mo

- Elmendorf AFB


This week, the winning Aerocache is:

VOR Hilo 116-9, submitted by AlbacoreTunaMan.


For those of you who may have missed this Aerocache last week, it will be available permanently in the game shortly.

If you have a Facebook account, head on over to the MS Flight Facebook page and leave us a message indicating your favorite aerocache of the week! If you do not use Facebook, post your votes in the blog comments and we'll add them to the count!

As always, let's hear those votes!

Happy Hunting.
CATEGORIES: Aerocache of the Day
NAME: Fishing Dutch
XP: 1000
HINT: The largest fishing port in Alaska.
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